TapCanvas partners with Eventbrite to make mobile ticketing easy

Event organizers have been quick to recognize the value of TapCanvas to communicate event details to attendees. TapCanvas is not just a great way to keep attendees informed at the event. It also offers organizers a powerful marketing opportunity to sell tickets for an upcoming event.

One of the most frequent feature requests we receive from event organizers is the ability to sell tickets with a TapCanvas app. Thanks to a new partnership between Eventbrite and TapCanvas, selling tickets in a mobile app is now easy.

We are excited to announce the release of a new Ticketing widget powered by Eventbrite. Now organizers can promote and sell tickets to for upcoming events to a highly engaged audience directly within a TapCanvas app.

Try the new Eventbrite widget now and get started selling tickets with TapCanvas.

Mobile-enable your existing website in minutes

Why you need a TapCanvas mobile app for your current website.

The mobile web is exploding and more users are visiting your website from a mobile device than ever before.  Unfortunately, many existing websites are not really designed for phones or tablets resulting in a slow and frustrating experience for visitors. When mobile visitors can’t find what they need on your site easy they will quickly move on. This is even more true on mobile than on the desktop.

With TapCanvas everything just works for every mobile device on any OS

TapCanvas is the easiest way to add a touch-optimized experience for visitors from the mobile web. Our apps are designed to work on any mobile or tablet so you don’t have to worry about operating systems, downloads or compatibility.

We use HTML5 and other cutting edge web standards to deliver a high-quality responsive user experience on all major platforms including: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Kindle.

Mobile-Awesomize your website in under 5 minutes!

Getting started is easy. Simply follow the instructions below to enable re-directs for your mobile visitors and TapCanvas will take care of the rest.

Enabling TapCanvas for your existing website is easy as 1-2-3!

1. Signup or login to TapCanvas and create an app to present mobile visitors who visit your existing website.

2. Add the following script to the header of your website (or header.php for Wordpress sites). This snippet of Javascript code will enable a re-direct pointing any mobile web visitors to TapCanvas instead of your regular website.

<!— Add this code snippet to re-direct mobile users to a specific TapCanvas —>

<script type=”text/javascript”>

if (screen.width <= 699) { top.location = “http://www.tapcanvas.com/go/india”; }


3. Test the re-direct by visiting your website from a mobile phone’s browser to make sure it displays your TapCanvas app. Finally, don’t forget to test your website from a desktop or laptop to ensure that visitors can still access your regular website.

That’s all it takes to offer a beautiful mobile-optimized app for any visitor to your website who arrives from a mobile device! Go ahead and give TapCanvas a try. We are here to help if you run into any problems.

New grid-style menu navigation option; more great interface options for users of your apps

Many of our users were looking for a way to present a menu on the home screen of their apps. Today we are excited to announce the grid style navigation to address this specific need.

The new grid style navigation offers a simple and attractive navigation format that is specifically designed for content-rich apps. The large friendly icons arranged in a full-screen grid are easy and natural for phone and tablet users to navigate. 

If you already have an existing TapCanvas app you can try out the grid style navigation by selecting the grid option under the navigation menu highlighted below. Try it now! You can switch back to the standard menu style navigation anytime from the same menu.


Go ahead. Try the new Grid Menu navigation option in your TapCanvas app today!

New features to help you build better apps, faster!

When we announced TapCanvas three months ago, we asked for your feedback to help us make the best mobile app builder anywhere. You’ve given us that feedback—lots of it—and we’re proud to introduce some features you’ve been waiting for.


New widgets

Now you can add a Facebook page to your app, as well as a YouTube video. We’ve also made improvements to other widgets—for example, you can now add pictures to text widgets. 

Promote your app

Already have a website? Your TapCanvas app plays nice! We now provide a snippet of Javascript that you can paste in to redirect mobile visitors to your TapCanvas app. We’ve also introduced a handy popup that will remind them to add your app to their home screen.

Coming soon: Premium plans

We’re currently testing our premium plans with a select group of customers. If you’d like to upgrade, just let us know and we’ll set you up.

We’ve been amazed at the incredible apps you’re building on TapCanvas—for everything from startup events to metal sculptors. We hope you’ll keep using our app builder in incredible new ways. And of course—keep that feedback coming!

The cat’s out of the bag. Meet TapCanvas.

Many of you may have seen us last week in All Things Digital. If you didn’t, read the article.

We’re thrilled to be in public beta now, but the road that brought us here took many twists and turns—from attracting investors, finding an office, and even scrapping our user interface when the feedback we received didn’t meet our expectations. As with any startup, the real challenge is to keep your head up and press on.

That said, we’re proud of TapCanvas, and hope you are too. We love the feedback you’ve given us about our beta product. And we even got to meet a few of you at our launch party. (In case you missed it, here are some photos.)

We’re working on some features that will make your apps even more useful, attractive, and customizable. Until then, we hope you’ll keep using our beta product. Tell us what we can do to make it the best app builder on the planet. We’re listening.

Until next time,

    -Team TapCanvas

Welcome to TapCanvas

Even though Apple says, “There’s an app for that,” we say, not quite. TapCanvas is creating a platform for a new kind of mobile app.